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Chancellor Reeves to announce energy reforms in growth strategy

Rachel Reeves will outline plans to revitalise economic growth as a national mission in her inaugural speech as Chancellor

In her first speech as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rachel Reeves will announce energy reforms aimed at driving economic growth.

Speaking to business leaders in London, Reeves will detail plans to lift the moratorium on onshore wind power and streamline planning regulations for energy projects.

These measures are designed to encourage investment in green industries and improve the UK’s energy infrastructure.

Reeves will emphasise the importance of these changes in achieving sustained economic growth, marking energy reforms as a key component of the new government’s strategy.

On Monday morning, she will address business leaders, saying: “Last week, the British people voted for change. Over the past 72 hours, I have begun the necessary work to fulfil that mandate.

“Our manifesto was clear: ‘Sustained economic growth is the only route to improving the prosperity of our country and the living standards of working people.

“Where previous governments have been unwilling to take the difficult decisions – I will deliver. It is now a national mission. There is no time to waste.”

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