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Electric car ‘myth’ exposed: CEO slams billions wasted on carbon increase

Nick Molden, CEO of Emissions Analytics Ltd, has criticised the effectiveness of electric vehicles in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, citing a £12 billion subsidy that has allegedly increased emissions rather than decreasing them

Is the belief that electric vehicles (EVs) are the only way to decarbonise transportation misguided?

Nick Molden, Chief Executive Officer of Emissions Analytics Ltd, delivered a stark critique of current efforts towards decarbonising transportation during his speech at The Big Zero Show.

Mr Molden argued that the hype surrounding electric vehicles (EVs) as a panacea for emissions reduction is misguided, pointing out significant flaws in the current approach.

Mr Molden highlighted that despite substantial government subsidies amounting to approximately £12 billion, mainly through company car tax incentives for EVs, these efforts have not yielded the expected reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Mr Molden claimed that the production of EVs has led to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions due to the significant carbon footprint involved in manufacturing batteries.

Addressing the practicality of EV adoption, Mr Molden pointed out that the slowdown in EV sales is not merely due to misinformation but also because they are not cost-effective in achieving emission reductions.

Moreover, Mr Molden criticised current regulatory frameworks, such as the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandates, arguing that they may lead to distortions in the market and fail to address the true carbon impact of EVs.

He raised concerns that by not accounting for the emissions produced during the manufacturing of EVs, the current system misleads consumers and policymakers alike.

Proposing a more nuanced approach to decarbonisation, Molden advocated for evaluating technologies based on their individual merits and cost-effectiveness rather than imposing blanket bans or mandates.

He emphasised the importance of empowering consumers with accurate information to make informed choices that align with their needs and environmental goals: “We need to fix the rules of the game. To align the decisions we are making in transportation with what actually reduces carbon dioxide for the planet, not for the UK, not for UK factories, car factories.

“It is about the total carbon dioxide that we as consumers are emitting. And overall, this isn’t about faith. This is about engineering, this is about economics, this is about politics.”

Click the video to watch Nick Molden’s session in The Big Zero Show in full.

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