Guest Blog: Alan Little – Regulations storm the energy market – How are end users affected?

Since Ofgem postponed the mandatory code of conduct for third party intermediaries (TPIs), there has been a lot of talk about transparency in the energy sector. Some procurement managers are still misinformed about TPI charges and believe that suppliers are paying TPI fees. That is not the case, as TPIs will simply negotiate a commission […]

Taking no ESOS action ‘is worst thing firms can do’

The worst thing businesses can do is take no action when it comes to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at energy consultancy BIU said “some action is needed” to show the Environment Agency they’re “taking steps and actively seeking somebody to prepare and report for them”. Under ESOS, large businesses […]

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – This is #MyDayInEnergy – What’s yours?

I’m on a mission – will you help? For those that follow me, you’ll know I’m keen to promote the energy industry as a career choice for students, graduates and career changers alike. I’m on a mission to share with the wider public where our energy careers take us on a day to day basis […]

China awards $300m to boost power grid

ABB has won orders worth more than $300 million (£195m) for technologies to enable two new power transmission lines. They have the capacity to transmit 8,000MW of wind and thermal power from Shanxi to Nanjing and from Jiuquan to Hunan. That’s enough electricity to meet the needs of 26 million consumers. ABB will supply converters, […]

Guest Blog: Jon Ferris – Get to grips with the energy universe

As the last few years have seen energy consumers bombarded by a myriad of disparate and seemingly unco-ordinated regulations and schemes, it begs the question; can your business afford not to take a strategic approach to utility management? The schemes currently in your orbit range from: > support for generators in addition to wholesale prices […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – The current energy landscape

The summer holidays are long forgotten, a new government has settled into its immediate tasks and the energy sector is facing a lot of challenges – some new but most long running. Let’s have a pan around some of the key issues and the impact they’re having. Firstly, ESOS is becoming ever more imminent A […]

Guest Blog: Georgina Penfold – We know he’s deeply red…. but is he also green?

The one-time 200/1 outsider, Jeremy Corbyn stormed through the steeplechase of politics to take up his maiden position on the front-bench… in the opposition’s most powerful role. Love or loathe his politics, the left-wing Labour leader is sure to bring a very different and determined angle to the Commons debates – but what could a […]

Guest Blog: Mervyn Bowden – ESOS – Altering the balance of lower energy prices?

Do lower energy and fuel prices make you use more of the commodities concerned? What behaviours are likely to result and what will help remedy the situation? How does regulation like ESOS factor into this? Some lessons from transport I’ve returned to the UK from the US West Coast and Canada having observed the impact […]

Firms ‘must make an effort for possible leniency on ESOS fines’

There could be leniency around fines for those businesses that show they have made an effort under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). That’s the view of Sam Bailey, Resourcing Manager at BIU. She said although the government has yet to publish the full guidance on what will happen if firms don’t get their energy […]

Guest Blog: Georgina Penfold – Sun sets on solar support… but an interesting case study?

I’m sure you have all heard about the proposals to slash Feed-in Tariff payments for small-scale solar projects – falling from the current level of 12.48p/kWh to only 1.63p per kWh. The news has sent shockwaves throughout the solar industry and threatens to impact many energy generation projects. However, as an energy professional, now working […]