Benefits of CHP

The financial and emission benefits of CHP

CHP the main prime mover in the UK

Two factors affecting the economics of CHP

From the archive: Can frozen air help store energy?

Because of the amazing weather thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’ we thought it was only suitable to look back to 2012 when ELN investigated if frozen air can help store energy!

Lewis Scott

Lewis Scott leads Haven Power’s analysis and forecasting team within the company’s commercial department. His team’s focus is to understand and forecast energy demand, generation and Third Party Costs as well as providing trading analysis. Lewis and his team are the backbone of Haven Power’s pricing function, developing and managing the tools which ensure that […]

Mark Anderson

As Sales Director, Mark Anderson is building on Haven Power’s strong culture of partnership to deepen relationships with both customers and brokers. From his experience in energy consulting, Mark understands that strong relationships and trust are key to finding the right energy solution to help customers change the way they use energy. With over 10 […]

From the archive: Dutch courage – investing in electric transport

In 2014 ELN editor Sumit Bose went to Amsterdam to see why the Dutch were investing so much into sustainable transport.

#ShortFuse 23/02/2017
Lisa Gingell

Lisa Gingell is director of 3-Eight Communications Ltd whose primary goal is to create integrated communication strategies for businesses within the energy and utilities sector. Lisa was a co-founder of t-mac technologies, a leading mini BeMS and cloud-based device that made its name within the banking, retail and utilities market space.  t-mac was acquired by […]

From the archive: London trials first all-electric buses

Back in 2013 ELN went to Waterloo to take a ride on London’s first all-electric buses.

Yoav Zingher

Yoav was a founding partner of 4RAE Renewable and Alternative Energy Investments, a private equity group with $200 million under management, where he specialised in smart energy and project development of renewable energy including wind, solar and biomass power stations. Prior to this, Yoav was part of the private equity investment team that entered the […]