Shell investors call for more action on climate change at AGM

The company defeated a resolution backed by 5.54% of shareholders calling for it to set tougher emissions targets in line with the Paris Agreement

Hilton says its time for plastic straws to check out

The hospitality chain has also revealed a new goal to halve its global environmental footprint by 2030

Environment Agency: England could face significant water shortages by 2050

It says three billion litres a day are wasted through leakage, enough to meet the needs of 20 million people

Shell venture keeps on trucking for fuel efficiency

In collaboration with the Airflow Truck Company, the energy giant aims to slash the fuel consumption of freight vehicles

EU Member States approve new rules to curb waste

They will introduce specific measures to prioritise prevention, reuse and recycling instead of landfill or incineration

Mayor of London awards £2m for London’s new green spaces

Sadiq Khan hopes the environmental funding will help clean air and filter carbon dioxide emissions

House of Lords Committee pens letter over Brexit nuclear concerns

The group has called for urgent clarification on what actions the government is taking to mitigate any risks

Lloyds Bank offers £100m to help small businesses enter Hinkley supply chain

It aims to help firms avoid expensive loan arrangement fees and make the process of borrowing money cheaper

New clean energy storage in Somerset ‘could power 30,000 homes’

The project will store excess energy production and help avoid power spikes or blackouts

Cambridge Uni’s divestment hunger strikers pack in protest

Three first-year students ended a six-day protest aiming to stop investment in fossil fuels