SSE chief outlines carbon hopes for London

The chief executive of Scottish & Southern Energy Ian Marchant has set an ambitious target of getting 500,000 solar roofs in London by 2020. Speaking at a conference dedicated to making the UK’s capital more energy efficient, Mr Marchant said that London “needs to be a green beacon to the UK and the rest of […]

Industry must act on ‘invisible’ jobs

Many of the jobs involved in the low carbon sector have been described as ‘invisible’ by an expert in waste management. Paul Levett, deputy chief executive of environmental services giant Veolia, told a seminar discussing the energy skills gap last week that many children and students are simply unaware that such jobs exist, and stressed […]

Leggett hails feed-in-tariffs

Feed-in-tariffs have “generated fantastic interest in the residential and commercial sectors” in solar power, according to Jeremy Leggett. Mr Leggett, founder of Solar Century, the UK’s largest, independent solar company, said that cutting carbon emissions was “all about winning a war with a big array of kit”, of which solar was a key component. “Solar […]

Johnson launches £100m London green technology fund

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled plans to make the city “the low-carbon capital of the world”. At the top of a raft of measures introduced were the formation of a green technology fund backed with £100m from the London Development Agency, and a Green Enterprise Zone in east London with a £30m exhibition and […]

‘No-one can imagine what a tonne of carbon looks like’

Talking about CO2 emissions in the context of tonnes of carbon means nothing to the man or woman in the street and is unhelpful in getting across energy efficiency messages. So said a waste management specialist at a sustainability conference. Paul Levett, deputy chief executive of Veolia, said: “No-one can imagine what a tonne of […]

Browne highlights engineers’ energy role

Lord Browne, former BP chief and now managing director of Riverstone, the world’s largest renewable energy fund, yesterday stressed the role that engineers can play in providing a low carbon economy. “Clever engineering allows us to do more for less with energy,” Lord Browne said at sustainability conference Base London. “Engineers are a unique human […]