Highlights from Energy Live 2015

  Missed Energy Live 2015? Here are the highlights from the jam-packed day, which attracted more than 650 people including energy buyers, suppliers and end users.

‘Clarity needed for renewable goals in 2020s’

More clarity is needed from government for renewable aims in the 2020s. That’s according to Maf Smith, Deputy Chief Executive of RenewableUK. Speaking at the Energy Live 2015 conference he told ELN: “There’s a big opportunity still in onsite generation – businesses, farmers, even householders [are] still looking at how energy generation can help them manage their […]

Countries ‘must balance energy trilemma’

The key to tackling the ‘energy trilemma’ is balancing the three goals in the long term. That’s according to Joan MacNaughton Executive Chair of the World Energy Council’s (WEC) Energy Trilemma. The ‘energy trilemma’ consists of decarbonisation, security of supply and energy costs. Speaking at the Energy Live 2015 conference she told ELN: “Frankly if […]

‘Family influence needed to encourage women in energy’

Family influence is needed to encourage more women into the energy sector. That’s according to Averil Macdonald, Professor at the University of Southampton. At the recent Energy Live 2015 conference she told ELN influence is “less about the education, it’s more about the careers advice and particularly the families”. Ms Macdonald added: “Families are the influencer […]

Power prices for manufacturers ‘most expensive in the UK’

The price of electricity for manufacturers in the UK is very expensive. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2015 conference, Chris Webb Head of EMEA Energy Management at Linde Gas said the government should make energy prices more competitive with prices in other EU countries. He added: “What troubles us is not so much the energy […]

National Grid insists UK energy system manageable

National Grid insists the UK power system is manageable. Cordi O’Hara, Director of Market Operation made the comment a day after the operator asked companies for extra power to balance supply and demand. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2015 conference she said: “We recently issued a notice to the industry called NISM and what […]

SSE boss: Business is tough but it’s a time of change

The boss of SSE said “business is tough” but “it’s a time of change”. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2015 conference, Alistair Phillips-Davies added: “There’s a lot of excitement in the industry and I still think there’s a lot for us to do.” He said: “I think business is tough, there’s no doubt […]

Alistair Phillips-Davies talks about SSE’s future at EL2015

  SSE boss Alistair Phillips-Davies talks about the future of the company.

‘More energy investment needed than subsidies’

More energy investment is needed rather than subsidies in the UK. That’s the view of Lord Gus O’Donnell, Chairman of Frontier Economics who believes that subsidies for fossil fuels “should go”. He also said they should not be related to decarbonisation. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2015 conference Lord O’Donnell added: “My view […]

Volker Beckers: Energy policies follow political cycles

Changes in energy policies follow political cycles of five years or less, injuring long term investment. That’s according to Volker Beckers, former CEO of npower who also understands the renewable sector is “disappointed” with the government’s decision to scrap subsidies for green energy. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2015 conference, Mr Beckers added: “Sometimes […]