How to get on TV & radio (Media interview skills training)

If you got a call from a producer asking you to appear on Sky News Sunrise or Radio Five Live to talk about energy policy, would you say yes?  And if you did, could you get your point across despite being interrupted? In short, are you media savvy and camera ready? This course is aimed […]

How to survive a media onslaught (Crisis communications interview training)

Imagine your biggest client has an energy outage and they’re pointing the finger at you.  Your reputation is at stake and to save it you have to step up to the mic.   Would you be able to fend off a determined and aggressive journalist? This full-day practical course shows delegates how to cope with challenging […]

Your reputation can be lost in seconds. Do you know how to protect it? (One day crisis communications planning workshop)

Are you confident your business could cope if a bad news story went viral and you were besieged by the media? If not, it is time to re-assess the risks to your business and put in place a robust crisis communications strategy. In our social media world, an emergency situation can quickly get out of […]

How to get great publicity … for free

Do your competitors get quoted in newspapers or on TV? Are you buzzing with ideas but don’t know how to promote them? Do your press releases never lead to any media inquiries? Research shows that editorial coverage has four times the value of advertising and with thousands of websites, newspapers, magazines and broadcasters out there, […]

Raise your profile as an energy expert

Do you want to raise your profile as an energy expert and increase your influence? Do you want to be one of the media’s go-to people on energy? Do other energy consultants get calls from journalists rather than you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, don’t let your expertise on energy […]

How to become an energy thought leader

Who sets the energy agenda? Who are the thought leaders in the energy sector? How can you become a key contributor to the debate? During this workshop, we will explore: The benefits of being an energy thought leader How to pitch yourself and your ideas Using social media to promote yourself How to blog to […]

How to write press releases … that work

Richard Branson said: “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” He never spoke a truer word: when most people offer those PR stories to journalists, all too often they end up being ignored. So what is the secret of a successful pitch to the media? […]

How to write well

The ability to write well is a fundamental skill, whether you need to write your website, a sales brochure, a press release, an article or a social media post. This course will teach you how to make your writing interesting, engaging and direct, and how to grab people’s attention and keep it. The course covers: […]

Social media: strategy, tools and tactics

This course will demystify the world of social media and develop the delegates’ knowledge and skills. During this course, delegates will create a basic social media strategy and learn how to establish or refresh their company’s social media presence on the key platforms, It will include a mixture of theoretical content and realistic exercises, where […]

How to speak in public

Whether you have to chair a meeting, pitch a proposal or speak at a conference you need presentation skills. Communicating with a group of people with assurance and confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but we can teach you how to conquer your nerves and give a memorable and successful performance. We help you to […]