Energy Live Consultancy Conference 2018

Could data be more valuable than oil? That was the big question at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference in Manchester yesterday.

Energy consultants get new insights at ELCC 2018

An expert panel and a series of packed seminars led by industry leaders covered issues ranging from cybersecurity and data theft to the role of regulation in the Brexit age

‘Energy customers need more transparent and visible data’

Simon Cox, Director at EY Advisory, said energy suppliers, brokers and TPIs need to work out their role in the changing marketplace as data becomes an increasingly valuable commodity

‘Brokers’ pricing models will be impacted by disruptive technologies’

Lisa Gingell, Director of 3-eight Communications, said consultants’ existing ways of doing business will be affected

‘Energy price cap is a retrograde step for the market’

Could the introduction of regulation to put an upper limit on prices be a backwards step for the last decade’s efforts to introduce more competition?

CNG’s Jacqui Hall: ELCC adds value

ELN speaks to Jacqui Hall from Water Plus at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference

Water Plus’ Tony Craig on new retail water market

ELN speaks to Tony Craig from Water Plus at the Energy Live Consultancy Conference