Debating the energy future

  Robert Llewellyn, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose debate the issues of the future at the Energy Live Future event. Join them for a light hearted look at the way energy storage, generation and transportation is set to radically change our everyday lives.

Tech Tinder fun at Energy Live Future

In a light-hearted session hosted by ELN Editor Sumit Bose and Robert Llewellyn, the Energy Live Future audience got a view of what is the best kit around and what frankly needs to be left on the shelf. The audience got involved and helped decide whether the energy innovations on display got a left or a […]

Energy Live Future: Panel Debate

Watch the panel debate from Energy Live Future with Gab Barbaro, Stephen Church, Robert Llewellyn and Alex Montgomery.

Centrica business boss says ‘entire energy system is changing’

The needs of energy customers are changing fast and suppliers will have to change too. That’s according to Mark Hanafin, the CEO of Centrica’s Business division, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Future Conference in Leicester last week. He said the days of turning on extra power stations to deal with spikes in […]

Energy Live Future: Out of this world highlights

  Delegates were in for an out of the world experience at the Energy Live Future event, which attracted more than 300 people with £2 billion worth of energy spend. The part expo, part laboratory and part conference event covered everything from solar panels in space, internet of things, disruptive technologies, blockchains, virtual reality and […]

Blockchains ‘will become essential within a decade’

Blockchain technology will become an essential aspect of the energy and finance industries within the next decade. That’s according to Stephen Church, Energy Market Leader at EY, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Future conference yesterday in Leicester. Discussing the emerging disruptive technology, Mr Church told ELN: “Adoption will happen in very small pilots to begin […]

Energy Live Future: ‘Inspirational, exciting, fantastic’

  Delegates who attended Energy Live Future believed it was a great success. The futuristic event at the National Space Centre in Leicester attracted more than 300 people, with around £2 billion of energy spend. The part conference, part expo and part laboratory event covered everything from data scientists, to smart monitoring, to future tools […]