Guest Blog: Kathryn Porter – Calls for social energy tariff as prices set to rise further

Last week the a House of Commons Committee heard from the heads of some of the country’s leading energy suppliers of their concerns for increased fuel poverty next winter as the energy crisis deepens, amid calls for the introduction of a social energy tariff.

Guest Blog: Kathryn Porter – Energy security strategy: worryingly vague, worryingly long-term and worryingly still supply focused

The Government claims that its British Energy Security Strategy will increase the number of clean jobs in the UK by supporting around 112,000 additional jobs in renewable generation and hydrogen by the end of the decade.

Guest Blog: Leigh Hitchens – Why Does Net Zero Carbon Matter?

Climate Change (or global warming) is the name given to long-term temperature change(s) on and around the Earth’s surface, which causes long term shifts in weather patterns. It impacts the whole of the Earth and is causing polar ice sheets and glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise.

Guest Blog: David Gilbey – Infrastructure, Building connections, and metering solutions for Developers

With the use of former Retail Sector building stock and office buildings into residential units – or HMO’s, it is becoming apparent that utility connections and building services are not being considered early enough in the project as they bring with them specific challenges.