From the archive: Hydrogen future for road transport

Yesterday we filmed the opening of UK’s first hydrogen pump at a petrol station so today’s ELN archive we look back to 2011 where ELN investigated Hydrogen Cars at ITM Power’s press event at Stansted Airport.

From the archive: Can frozen air help store energy?

Because of the amazing weather thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’ we thought it was only suitable to look back to 2012 when ELN investigated if frozen air can help store energy!

From the archive: Dutch courage – investing in electric transport

In 2014 ELN editor Sumit Bose went to Amsterdam to see why the Dutch were investing so much into sustainable transport.

From the archive: London trials first all-electric buses

Back in 2013 ELN went to Waterloo to take a ride on London’s first all-electric buses.

From the archive: Fire fighters climb the sustainability ladder

Back in 2010 Sumit Bose went to visit the new sustainable fire station at Harold Hill in London.

From the ELN Archive: Mung beans and EVs

In 2013 ELN editor Sumit Bose spoke to actor/comedian Robert Llewellyn about Electric Vehicles.

From the archive: Powering the International Space Station

After Elon Musk and SpaceX successfully launched Falcon Heavy this week, we are keeping the space theme and take a look back to what it takes to power the International Space Station

From the archive: Benefits of shale gas for the UK

In 2016 ELN Chief Reporter Priyanka Shrestha spoke to Tom Pickering, Operations Director at INEOS Shale about the first US fracked gas delivered to the UK.