Powering Net Zero – 6 October 2021, virtual conference

Delivering net zero

UK Emissions Trading System Auction Sees Significant Premium to EU ETS – What does that mean for energy prices?

Yes, the week of the first auction for the UK Emissions Trading System sees it trading at a significant premium to the EU ETS. Discover what this means for UK energy buyers and listen to the Alfa Energy Group Resonance Podcast.

Utility Team partners with Centrica to deliver Energy Insights solution

Utility Team’s Energy Insights provides greater energy consumption monitoring and intelligence-driven energy efficiency solutions for organisations across many sectors

Why EV charge anxiety could soon be a thing of the past

When businesses are asked why they haven’t yet made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), many fleet managers say that they’re anxious about range.

Energy Consultancy Tritility Hires its 100th Employee After Year of Rapid Growth

Washington-based Business Energy Consultancy Tritility is celebrating a significant milestone, as it hires its 100th employee. The two-year-old company has grown significantly since its launch in January 2019, and has won two major awards for its positive working culture.

Build Back Better

The importance of sustainable business growth on future viability and ensuring you make the right business decisions now to meet client, investor and wider stakeholder expectations as we come out of lockdown.

Good news on gas for European energy buyers

As demand for electricity and gas suggests economic recovery is underway, and gas supplies present opportunities for end users, we look ahead to the summer season for electricity and gas prices and the impact of market mechanism and generation shifts that are looming, as they are set to impact the prices and procurement strategies companies operating across Europe may need to consider.

How AI can identify energy waste

As lockdown eases, how can artificial intelligence help energy managers adapt to new working patterns?
Will it be pre-pandemic business as usual, flexible working patterns or a reduced total footprint….and what will it mean for energy efficiency strategies?

Will Brexit affect the uptake of EVs among business fleets?

One of the few success stories to come out of last year was the long-anticipated rise of the electric vehicle. Against a backdrop of COVID restrictions and Brexit uncertainty, the EV market defied the odds.

Enpaas signs 3 new customers in just one week to prove that automation and digital transformation don’t have to be a long, expensive and slow journey for energy companies

Higher profits, faster growth and lower costs for energy Suppliers, Brokers and Metering Companies as managed services and cloud technology helps transform their businesses quickly.