Reacting and reforecasting: How suppliers have responded to COVID-19

The rapid spread of Covid-19 has led to an unprecedented degree of change to the ways we live and work.

Stakeholder engagement needs to transform with the rest of the market

The current transformation of the energy industry has meant greater levels of innovation happening faster than possibly ever before.

Drastic power consumption change in the first quarter of 2020

Latest Drax Electric Insights Report shows drastic power consumption change in the first quarter of 2020

Energy management during COVID-19

How to maximise building efficiency and meet the demands of health and safety during times of reduced occupancy.

Green business
The Phenomena of the Sustainable Company: The Eco-Certifications Companies Need to Go Through

Sustainable living has become big in the last few years. More and more people are choosing to live a low-impact lifestyle in an effort to save the environment.

Northern Gas and Power launches brand-new global Careers site with hundreds of opportunities, including home-working roles nationally

Award-winning Northern Gas and Power has launched a brand-new Careers site.

What’s driven the recent drastic shift in UK power prices?

Our EDF experts explain.

Achieve energy efficiency in your business by identifying where energy is wasted

Identify the areas in your business where energy efficiency can be improved by adopting these five energy saving techniques

7 steps to put your business on the path to carbon neutral: The ebook

The government has announced net zero greenhouse gas targets by 2050, and bigger businesses with bigger ambitions have announced carbon neutral – and even carbon negative – targets by as soon as 2030.

Stark customers reduce energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown

Stark, a leading provider of energy data and analytics services, has announced that Stark customers have reduced their energy use by 50% more than the average business in lockdown, saving nearly £750,000 a day more in aggregate than the industry average.