Uniper appoints E.ON UK boss as new CEO

Michael Lewis has been the Chief Executive of E.ON UK since 2017

Webinar – Power Market Updates from EDF

James Chaplin, one of EDF’s energy traders, explains the latest developments in the UK power market and the outlook for prices

Utilidex and Eneco have partnered together to deliver a cloud-based complex billing platform

Eneco, is an international energy company that supplies customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and UK with 100% renewable energy

AI waste sorting robots raise additional $17m in funding

The new investment will support the waste robotics startup’s vision for more sustainable waste management practices

Gemserv acquired by Talan Group

Through the acquisition, Talan is set to double its scale of UK operations

Not so smart – could DCC changes cost us more?

Hugo Energy App founder Ben Dhesi says proposed changes to DCC structure could cost consumers dear

Hugo Energy App settles copyright infringement case

London-based Hugo Energy App settled a legal claim with a competitor app claiming copyright infringement

GridBeyond secures 271MW prequalified capacity for the Capacity Market

The Capacity Market Registers published on 29 November have confirmed that GridBeyond has prequalified 271 MW for the T-1 and 415 MW T-4 auctions planned for February 2023.

Smart Meter Energy Apps – Who’s the best in Town!

In this blog post, we will take a comprehensive look domestic smart meter energy apps, which are becoming an increasingly popular trend.

Work with organisations wins two National Sustainability Awards, in industry first

Cutting water waste in the UK and increasing engagement and awareness around water efficiency, through work with organisations, has secured a national award for water retailer Water Plus