Front season and oil prices down, wind output low, while sun shines

The Haven Power market report: your update on the week’s energy market changes.

Low wind bolsters prompt prices; commodities push power curve down

The Haven Power market report is your weekly update on changes in the UK energy market.

Fuel commodities weaken, leading to power price retreat

Stay updated on energy market changes over the last seven days with Haven Power’s market report

ERDA recommends KiWi Power for Demand Response

KiWi Power Industry Round-Up

Iran and oil has impact on UK power prices

The Haven Power market report keeps you updated on energy market changes over the last 7 days. Here’s a summary of the week: Day-ahead power prices fail to follow the wind during week 20 Peak solar output exceeds peak wind for most of the week Brent Crude oil benchmark continues driving power and commodity prices […]

Battery storage & why you need an aggregator partner

The recent and ever-growing demand for renewable energy is driving a movement to get more sustainable energy sources added to the Grid.

Refgas……a team to take gasification from the drawing board to the market

Years ago, when incineration became a dirty word, many companies sprang up, developing a variety of advanced thermal processes, including pyrolysis, gasification and many variations on the theme, as a way of converting waste-derived materials into valuable heat and electricity. In theory, these techniques could be both cleaner and more efficient than traditional combustion or […]

Goodbye steel, hello cardboard – ventilation’s new wonder material

A developer of a revolutionary sustainable alternative to steel ducting has attracted none other than Rolls-Royce to its books.

Wholesale prices still rising as economic sanctions loom

For your update on energy market changes over the last 7 days, check out the Haven Power market report.

Third-party energy cost calculator estimates impact of rising charges

Inprova Energy has launched an online third-party cost calculator to help business energy buyers estimate how rising non-commodity charges may affect their power bills over the next four to five years.