National Grid to spend up to £400m on demand response

National Grid expects to invest up to £400 million by 2020 in an initiative aimed at balancing the grid. Called demand side response (DSR) it provides incentives to businesses to adjust the amount of power they use at particular times in response to a signal. Speaking to ELN after the Demand Side Response Conference in London […]

Businesses can nab £1bn cash from suppliers with spare energy

Energy intensive businesses in Britain could divert £1 billion from power generators to themselves by making their spare energy supplies available to the grid – or by lowering their energy demand. That’s according to new figures calculated by demand response firm Open Energi today, based on their technique of tapping into equipment on industrial or commercial […]

Water firm turns off power tap to balance the grid

United Utilities has got a new system to adjust its energy demand to help “balance” out the national grid – and hopes to make £5 million with the technology. It allows power-guzzling equipment on the site to switch off or on in response to changes in electricity supply and demand nationwide. Andy Pennick, Energy Manager […]

Britain’s World Cup energy use – it’s a balancing act

When the glorious summer of football kicks off in Rio de Janeiro, all but a lucky few Brits will be watching the World Cup on the telly. What they might not realise is their viewing habits could make hefty demands on the electricity grid. Going on past experience of the Olympics and the Royal Wedding, […]

University shuts off air con to cut UK energy demand

The University of East Anglia (UEA) has agreed to turn its air conditioning either off or on to lower or boost its energy use when the grid operator needs to balance the grid. UEA’s air handling units (AHUs) – which use up to 1MW across its Norwich campus – are now equipped with Dynamic Demand. The […]

New ‘smart’ venture to help businesses manage energy

A new ’smart’ venture which is expected to help businesses manage and save energy while earning revenue has been launched. Called COdemand, the project aims to provide firms with demand response solutions, which helps manage fluctuations in electricity supply and demand on the grid. Demand response increases the capacity of the grid to cope with […]