After 2019, £15.4bn will be needed to stop fuel poverty

After 2019, £15.4 billion of funding will be required to pay for the energy efficiency measures needing to be installed in fuel poor households. MPs on the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel Poverty, say living in cold, damp homes currently contributes towards 25,000 excess winter deaths each year in England. It estimates just £1 billion of […]

World wasting trillions in energy

The global fossil fuel bill could be cut by more than €2 trillion (£1.48tn) if we stopped wasting energy. That’s according to a new study commissioned by Philips, which says 98% of all energy produced globally is wasted through inefficiency. The 2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index report urges policy makers to set more […]

Fuel poverty doesn’t just strike the elderly

Fuel poverty is normally associated with older people but it is affecting a broader spectrum of households than people think and is being made worse by rising energy bills, finds a thinktank. The ‘Warmer Homes’ report produced by Policy Exchange attempts to crack the myth that people who cannot afford to heat their home to a […]