‘UK’s first’ rare earth magnet refinery secures government funding

The investment is expected to boost the domestic EV and offshore wind industries

Green aviation government-backed with £273m

Could solar-powered planes and NHS drones be the future?

Australia shortlists 12 grid-scale battery storage projects for $100m funding

The projects, which include both new builds and retrofits for existing batteries, have an aggregate capacity of 3.05GW and will be equipped with advanced inverter technology

Yorkshire Water installs alarms across properties to reduce sewer flooding

The devices will monitor the water level within the combined sewer gullies using a pressure sensor which sends an alert remotely when an increase in level is identified

Scientists reveal lithium-ion batteries that can survive in extreme weather

Batteries could futureproof EVs against freezing cold and scorching heat

The Electric Miles Blog – Building energy flexibility futures

Our dashboard managed white label SMART EV Charging SaaS suite means that for a onetime fee at the charger point of sale, manufacturers can focus on their charger HW & Firmware, to lower their product cost and significantly increase margins.

Potential sites for Rolls-Royce reactor facility revealed

The site will manufacture the ‘heavy vessels’ for its Small Modular Reactor power station

Vatenfall explores building small modular reactors in Sweden

It is looking at the conditions for building at least two SMRs adjacent to the Ringhals nuclear power plant and bring them into operation by the early 2030s

Martians singing the ketchup song!

Scientists have discovered a way that could enable astronauts to grow tomatoes on Mars

Bright future for Australian solar research with $45m funding boost

The funding will extend operations of the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics in conducting solar research to 2030