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You can hear from Wayne Mitchell, Director of Energy HQ, npower Business Solutions, on the reasons why DSR is so important and, indeed, why energy managers and energy professionals need more information around the topic in his introductory article here.

For of your DSR queries and information on how your business could benefit, contact npower Business Solution’s experts at Energy HQ via email [email protected] or call 0800 994 9382 OR visit the website https://www.energy-hq.co.uk/dsr/



Welcome to the npower Business Solutions’ DSR Clinic

Send your DSR queries or information requests to our experts at Energy HQ via [email protected] or call 0800 994 9382.

DSR 101 – understanding how Demand Side Response works and how to participate

Wayne Mitchell is Director of Energy HQ at npower Business Solutions and has more than a decade’s experience of working with businesses to maximise energy management opportunities. Here he answers the most commonly-asked questions about Demand Side Response to aid understanding of how it works and the benefits it can bring to businesses.

DSR Glossary

For more information on any aspect of DSR – or to find out how your business can benefit – please contact the DSR team at Energy HQ via [email protected] or by calling 0800 994 9382.