About Pozitive Energy

Pozitive Energy has now established itself as a viable alternative to the traditional big six energy suppliers. Utilising purpose built in-house technology, designed specifically for the energy industry, combined with a flexible ‘can-do’ attitude, Pozitive Energy continues to thrive in an industry that has historically been slow to adapt.

By embracing technology in all aspects of operations, from an AI driven customer service system to partner portals linking all major energy industry databases, Pozitive Energy now boasts over 90% automation keeping cost to serve low, resulting in highly competitive rates and toolkits to support partners and clients throughout the life of their contract. Pozitive Energy continues to invest heavily in its proprietary cloud-based systems to further improve the offerings for its customers, with development underway to build enhanced demand-side response and flexible asset management capabilities in its existing technology platform.

Pozitive Energy demonstrated its resilience throughout the pandemic, growing by a staggering 408% over the period, currently supplying 2.5TWh across 45,000 meter points with an achievable target of 10TWh across 250,000 meter points by 2027.

As part of the Pozitive Group of companies, Pozitive Energy approaches clients, partners and industry peers with an all-encompassing solution, offering savings and benefits across a wide variety of business and industry requirements. This provides our partners with multiple opportunities to maximise both services and revenue streams across their client base.

The Pozitive Group

Pozitive Insurance – A competitive business insurance offering focusing on a    technology lead solution, to enable cross-selling through your existing customer base.

EV charge points – An end-to-end packaged product with designer EV tariffs.

Enpaas – System integration, automation and software for the wider energy industry.

MPAAS – an accredited Meter Operator and Meter Asset Manager putting the Energy Suppliers and Customers in control.

Pozitive Payments – Smart, swift, secure payment solutions for our business customers

With an evolving, alternative approach and a suite of products and services available, Pozitive Energy presents its partners with multiple opportunities to strengthen relationships with their clients and demonstrates their ability to compete and grow in the energy supply sector.