Gazprom Energy

In the UK, Gazprom Energy specialises in supplying energy to businesses and organisations of all sizes. We’re the second largest business supplier by volume and we supply 1% of the business electricity market. We offer the strength and security of a global energy company alongside a personal touch, inspired by our independent spirit and delivered by our customer-focused people.  We’re different to other energy suppliers in the UK because we can also  trade carbon credits with organisations in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and buy electricity from generation sites through power purchase agreements

How we can help you

  • Fixed and flexible short and long term energy contracts for gas and electricity
  • Growing range of renewable and embedded generation products
  • Carbon management
  • Online services for our customers
  • Automated meter reading (AMR) and smart meter installation

We offer

  • We can tailor our contracts to suit every business – from a single shop or office to a multi-site corporate.
  • We offer clarity and stability to all our customers by enabling them to choose price plans that suit them – from fixed to flexible purchasing schemes that are designed to meet their needs.
  • We pride ourselves on being supportive and flexible in all our customer dealings. That’s why over 15000 business customers in the UK choose to buy their energy from us.