Oyster trial launched by Water Plus to encourage innovation and help improve water quality around the UK, in industry first

A ground-breaking trial is underway involving hundreds of oysters and school pupils to encourage innovative approaches with water

Local wind turbines ‘could cut household energy bills by £350’

The government is reportedly looking at giving financial incentives to communities to bring more onshore wind into the grid

Potential sites for Rolls-Royce reactor facility revealed

The site will manufacture the ‘heavy vessels’ for its Small Modular Reactor power station

“Total halt of Russian energy exports to Europe could put UK’s energy security at risk”

Europe could face a ‘severe recession’ if Vladimir Putin turns off the gas flows, according to a report

French scheme to support energy intensive firms granted EU approval

France notified the Commission under the Temporary Crisis Framework of the measure, under which direct grants will be provided for additional costs due to the increases in natural gas and electricity prices

Electric generators among EU goods that have tax and VAT waived for Ukrainians

The waiver applies to goods imported by state organisations and charitable or philanthropic organisations approved by the authorities of the member states

Amazon supercharges ‘cleaner’ UK deliveries

The retail giant has launched its first UK micromobility hub with e-cargo bikes for ‘greener’ deliveries in central London

Business Secretary thanks EDF’s coal-fired power station staff

West Burton A coal plant will stay open for six months longer than originally planned

Flat tyre activists head to US

UK-based group Tyre Extinguishers has targeted 40 SUVs in New York

Dangerous undertones for London’s water supply!

Is the capital about to run out of water? Pop star turned activist Feargal Sharkey thinks so