Dutch energy infrastructure upgrade granted €250m EU loan

TenneT Holding is building a 40-kilometre long electricity corridor that will enable the transmission of offshore wind energy to users in the Netherlands and beyond

Small energy suppliers ‘hit back at Ofgem for energy market crisis’

The energy regulator is reportedly criticised over lack of preparation for “a storm that has been brewing since the start of 2021”

Scotland doubles climate fund to help world’s most vulnerable countries

The Climate Justice Fund will increase to £6 million per year, providing £24 million in total across this Parliament, starting next year

Could there be 200 cars queuing for one charger?

Nearly eight million drivers will have to rely on public charging points with not enough to go round says research

M25 Protestors opposed by 60% of Brits

The Insulate Britain protestors have blocked the motorway again for the fifth time in eight days, leading to heavy public criticism

Norway to increase gas exports to Europe as prices rise

Production permits for the Oseberg and Troll fields have each been increased by one billion cubic meters for the gas year starting 1st October 2021

Energy switching figures ‘dive to one of the lowest levels this year’

Nearly 400,000 energy switches took place in August, a 20% dip compared to the same period last year, according to new research

Energy UK responds to the UK’s energy crisis

The trade association predicts it is going to be a challenging winter, stresses that there are no easy solutions and the primary focus should be on the protection of customers

Kwasi Kwarteng: “We may expect to see more energy companies exiting the market”

The Business and Energy Secretary addressed the Commons on the global gas price situation

‘Single bitcoin transaction creates same e-waste as that of two iPhones binned’

That’s the suggestion by Alex de Vries, Economist and Data Scientist who spoke to ELN about his new research on the mountains of electronic waste produced by cryptocurrency mining