Scotland ‘must identify how to finance the decarbonisation of transport’

Scotland’s surface transport emissions have increased by 9% since 2012 and are still rising – this makes the sector the country’s largest emitter, making up 37% of total emissions

Scotland ‘must match net zero ambitions for 2045 with decisive action’

The Committee on Climate Change says decisions over the next year ‘are likely to determine the direction of the next 25 years’

Scotland opens new green investment programme

The move will give councils, developers and a range of other organisations the change to pitch for large-scale sustainable investment

Sweden says it will go ‘carbon neutral by 2045’

The Swedish Government has announced it intends to make the country carbon neutral by 2045. The legislation was approved by an 86% majority of 254 to 41 and will come into effect on the 1st of January 2018. It means the government will now need to provide an annual environmental report every year and draw up a targeted plan […]