Boris Johnson announces £1bn deals for green tech with India

These include software, electric transport and renewable energy

Mobile phone signal in stratosphere: strong!

A solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicle built by Airbus has delivered broadband down to Earth

‘Tech sector emissions to cut by 40% by 2030’

That’s the suggestion of a new report that claims technology advances could enable 8.5Gt of carbon savings by the end of the decade

5G networks ‘can be up to 90% greener than 4G systems’

Nokia and Telefónica note as data traffic exponentially rises, 5G networks will need to be equipped with a number of sustainable hardware and software features to keep related emissions as low as possible

Climate-friendly video streaming is ‘possible depending on transmission routes’

High definition video streaming through a fiber optic connection results in two grams of CO2 per hour, while 3G connections create 90 grams, according to a new report

‘5G internet will not happen in 2018’

The upcoming technology could save households an average of up to £450 on energy each year

Government to select urban test-bed for 5G tech

It will test how the technology can make urban communities more safe, sustainable and efficient

5G-enabled smart tech ‘could save the UK £6bn a year’

O2 says households could save an average of £450 on energy each year if the technology was widely adopted