Climate change policies only add £110 to bills in a decade

Carbon emission cutting policies will only increase bills by £110 over the next nine years, according to the Government’s independent climate advisers. Instead the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) firmly lays the blame for recent jumps in household costs with rising wholesale gas prices in its analysis released today. Their findings appear to challenge scepticism […]

Government dismisses anti-wind research

DECC has hit back at an anti-wind report which brands the government’s focus on renewable energy sources as “misguided”. A study released today by the Adam Smith Institute and Scientific Alliance, called ‘Renewable Energy: Vision or Mirage’, also suggests renewable energy is uneconomic and won’t guarantee a secure energy supply. But the energy department dismissed […]

Renewables put security of supply in ‘jeopardy’

The Government’s energy policy came under fire today with the release of new research that suggests subsidising renewable energy could put the country’s energy security in “jeopardy”. The report from leading think-tank Adam Smith Institute, called ‘Renewable Energy: Vision or Mirage’, claims that renewable sources like solar power and wind “cannot form more than a […]