Droughts two years ago worst since 1766

Recent drought levels have not been seen since before American independence

Plants on the Moon!

Scientists claim that “for the first time in history” terrestrial plants have grown in lunar soil

Farmers to be offered grants of up to £30k for ‘greener’ practices

Regenerative practices designed to protect rivers will be supported by Severn Trent’s funding

‘A 20% reduction in beef consumption could halve deforestation’

New research suggests protein alternatives produced by microbes like fungi could help countries reduce livestock emissions

Eat bugs to slow global warming, scientists say

Replacing animal-source foods with insects could limit the impacts of climate change by 80%, according to a new report

Government urged to commit to a solar target of 40GW by 2030

A trade body has highlighted the need to scale up homegrown solar energy to reduce energy bills

Coldplay chooses solar farming project to kick off eco-tour

It is funding the project in Costa Rica, in which its sustainability tour begins

Solar and spinach could offer low carbon path for crop yields in deserts

New solar technology maximises electricity generation and boosts crop production

Elon Musk offers to eat food grown near nuclear reactors

Tesla’s Co-Founder urged countries to build more nuclear power stations to safeguard international security

Canada provides $182.7m for farmers to reduce emissions

Activities supported through the fund are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to two million tonnes by 2024