Cool savings to be had from air con inspections

What’s not to like about TM44 Air Con inspections? Start looking forward to the inspector’s five-year visit. Businesses are legally required to carry out Air Conditioning (AC) inspections every five years under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). And yes, failing to comply can land you in hot water. But inspections have one big advantage: […]

Hawaii airports going green to save $518m

Hawaii’s airports are undergoing a giant revamp to slash energy use by 49% and save the US state at least $518 million (£315m) in energy costs over the next 20 years. The state’s six major islands have 15 airports including Honolulu airport (pictured). The project will help Hawaii towards an ambitious target of getting 70% of […]

Colombian telecoms firm hopes to save £4m with energy efficiency

A Colombian telecoms firm hopes to mash down its electricity bill by £4 million (13,000 million pesos) through its PUREE energy efficiency scheme. Une Epm Telecomunicaciones (UNE) said last week it has already saved 6.8 million kilowatts of electricity and reduced its emissions by about 1,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent with the scheme since 2009. […]

Smarter business energy use ‘could cut demand by 75%’

Businesses could help cut the UK’s energy demand by three quarters just by turning off non-essential equipment such as air con, heating and lighting at times of peak demand. A study by researchers from the University of Reading working with KiWi Power found electricity demand from some industry sites including telecoms centres could be slashed […]