Are UK homes hotter than those in Europe?

On hot summer days, UK homes gain heat more than twice as fast as homes in Germany and Italy, according to new research

US unveils new rules for greener air-conditioning

The US Environmental Protection Agency has proposed the phase-down of chemicals used in air conditioners and refrigerators

Scientists develop innovative white paint they claim could replace air conditioners

The testing of the paint showed that the offering could keep surfaces up to 7.7°C cooler than their surroundings

Home being tested with a thermal scanner
British and Irish homes coolest in Europe in 2019, despite warming climate

A new study notes the impact of increasing temperatures on the elderly and the subsequent hike in the use of air conditioners, in the next five years

Brexit: Has your business signed up to limit F-gases?

F-gases can be found in refrigeration, air conditioning and aerosols and are powerful greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to global warming