Big energy firm stops business air travel as part of net zero drive

Domestic flying has become a thing of the past for ScottishPower workers

New partnership to provide clean energy solutions for UK and UAE

bp, ADNOC and Masdar have formed a partnership to develop low carbon hydrogen hubs and decarbonised air corridors between the two countries

Almost 36% of Brits to fly less post-Covid

A new report suggests more than half of people in the UK would prefer to see more investment in greener public transport

US airline orders flying e-taxis for airport pickups

The electric air taxis are expected to start flights in the next five years

Nearly 40% of Europeans ‘consider ditching air travel the easiest way to fight climate change’

Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, nearly 67% of Brits are planning to fly less frequently, according to a new survey

Greta Thunberg to sail across Atlantic for UN climate summit

She has refused to fly because of the high greenhouse gases emitted by aeroplanes

Rubbish flights on the way

  No, not the state of low cost airlines. The UK is looking into powering planes with rubbish! As part of plans to promote clean alternative fuels, the government is offering funding for projects to develop low carbon waste-based fuels for planes and lorries, with matching funding from industry. Trials of sustainable jet fuel, made […]

Green behaviours struggle to get off the ground

Despite belief in human-caused climate change rising from 76% to 84% between 2011 and last year, citizens’ motivation to drive greener cars or use polluting cars less has hardly changed. That’s according to a new report from the UK Government, which suggests the public value personal freedom and convenience over saving the environment. Willingness to […]

easyJet puts coating on planes to cut carbon emissions

easyJet has become the first commercial airline to trial a revolutionary nano-technology coating on its aircraft aimed at increasing fuel efficiency. The ultra-thin coating, already used on US military aircraft, is a polymer that cross links and bonds to the paint surface and only adds an estimated 4oz to the weight of the plane. The […]

Turbines built at East Midlands Airport

Work has started on a £1m project to build wind turbines at East Midlands Airport. Two 45m-high turbines would provide 5% of the electricity the airport uses a year until 2031. Construction is due to be completed by the end of March. The turbines are one of several sustainability measures being utilised at the airport, […]