Sun shines on ‘first’ floating solar power plant in Albania

The first unit consists of 1,536 solar panels and has an installed capacity of 0.5MW, covering almost 4,000 square meters

Floating solar project in Albania granted €9.1m loan

State-owned utility KESH will build the 12.9MW solar farm on the Vau i Dejës hydropower plant reservoir

Voltalia to build and operate 140MW solar plant in Albania

The French company will sell half of the electricity produced to the Albanian state at €24.89 per MWh and the remainder will be sold in the energy market

Albanians to get warm home boost from EU worth €5m

Investment will help with heating, draft insulation and glazing to improve housing efficiency in one of Europe’s poorer nations

Albania bans lightweight plastic bags

Those who break the law by importing, making or selling such bags could be fined more than £1,000

London-based bank helps Tirana become greener

A London-based bank is to help the capital city of Albania become more sustainable. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the municipality of Tirana are joining forces to develop a comprehensive set of policies in a bid to help the city become greener. The plan will be drawn up as part of […]

Albania-Macedonia power link wins €12m grant

A project to transfer energy between Albania and Macedonia has been granted funding totalling €12 million (£9.3m). The EU is providing the cash to support the construction of the first electricity interconnector between the two countries as well as the introduction of grid efficiency improvements. The project is part of the European Commission’s initiative to […]