Allianz pledges to cut back on insuring coal companies

It plans to phase out both its proprietary investments in coal-based business and its insurance coverage of such risks by 2040

Google buys wind power for Finnish data centre

Google has bought the entire electricity output from a Swedish wind farm developer for the next ten years to power its Hamina data centre (pictured) in Finland. The search engine giant has teamed up with German insurance company Allianz and a Swedish wind farm developer O2. It is Google’s fourth long-term renewable energy purchase contract […]

Shoddy infrastructure could lose businesses money

Unless the UK and the USA invest in their supply infrastructures companies can expect an increase of power blackouts in the coming years, which will have a negative impact upon business. Allianz say that the increasing amount of renewable technologies coming onto ageing networks is a recipe for disaster. Risk experts are saying companies need […]