Frankfurt breaks ground on fuel station for ‘world’s largest’ fleet of hydrogen trains

The station will supply hydrogen to a total of 27 hydrogen trains which will have a range of up to 1,000 kilometres

Alstom to deliver battery-powered trains to German line in €100m contract

The trains will bridge the 80 kilometres of non-electrified line between the cities of Chemnitz and Leipzig from 2023

Hydrogen trains on track for UK arrival

French locomotive giant Alstom will convert an existing fleet of electric trains by fitting them with gas tanks and fuel cells

Alstom signs €2.6bn deal with GE to exit energy joint ventures

That includes the grid, renewables and nuclear joint ventures

GE to cut up to 6,500 jobs in Europe

US manufacturing giant General Electric (GE) plans to cut up to 6,500 jobs in Europe in the next two years. The announcement follows the £6.3 billion takeover of French company Alstom. They could include up to 600 jobs in the UK and 765 positions in France. Around 1,300 of the layoffs could be in Switzerland and 1,700 jobs […]

EU grants approval for €12.4bn GE-Alstom deal

EU regulators have approved the €12.4 billion (£9.1bn) buyout of French firm Alstom’s power equipment business by US-based General Electric. It is however subject to GE selling Alstom’s heavy duty gas turbines, which are mainly used in gas-fired power plants, to Italian rival Ansaldo. The European Commission expects the move to help Ansaldo become a strong […]

Israel opens 835MW gas-fired power plant

A gas-fired power plant with a capacity of 835MW has been opened in Israel. It is located in Haruvit at the intersection of the national electricity grid to enable the plant to supply power to both the northern and southern regions. It is claim to be the most energy efficient facility in the country and adds […]

India invests €26.6m to improve thermal plants

India is investing €26.6 million (£17.1m) to improve two thermal power stations in the state of Gujarat. Two energy companies, Alstom and NASL, won the contract to renovate two steam turbines at the Ukai and Wanakrobi facilities. They will boost the turbines capacity from 200MW to 1,350MW in Ukai and 1,470MW in Wanakbori. The upgrades will increase […]

EU opens investigation into GE-Alstom deal

EU regulators have launched an “in-depth” investigation into General Electric’s (GE) €12.4 billion (£9.1bn) bid for Alstom’s power equipment business. The European Commission said it is concerned the transaction could limit competition in the market for heavy-duty gas turbines, which are mainly used in gas-fired power plants. It added the deal would eliminate “one of the […]

French firms ink deal for floating wind turbine

French companies Alstom and DCNS have signed an agreement to develop floating wind turbine technology and bring it to market. Dubbed ‘SEA REED’, the project has received funding worth €6 million (£4.7m) from the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management, known as Ademe, for the study and certification phase. The firms will work together […]