France’s Safran lent €500m for next-gen aircraft propulsion systems

The project supports the company’s ambition to achieve carbon-free air transport by 2050

German rail giant says goodbye to diesel with alternative fuel trials

Deutsche Bahn will test a train running on eco-diesel, which allegedly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90%

Malta, Romania referred to court over alternative fuels infrastructure

The European Commission has referred Malta and Romania to the Court of Justice for failing to notify their national policy frameworks on alternative fuels infrastructure. Member States were required to notify their frameworks to the Commission by 18th November 2016 but the two nations have failed to do so. The frameworks are the main instrument […]

Canada invests $950k in carbon capture conversion technology

The Government of Canada is supporting carbon capture technology with an investment totalling $950,000 (£578,143). The funding will enable the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute (CCCI) to design and install equipment that can capture carbon and turn it into products such as building materials, alternative fuels and consumer goods. The equipment will allow researchers from […]