UK to seek exemption from US steel import tariffs

UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox is travelling to Washington today where he will be discussing the duties

EU, Japan push for exemptions from Trump’s metal tariffs

The European Union and Japan have urged the US to grant them exemptions from the import metal tariffs. Trade officials met in Brussels on Saturday to address issues such as trade distortive practices that lead to severe global overcapacity in sectors like steel. The EU and Japan also raised Donald Trump’s decision to impose additional […]

Recycling ‘main energy efficiency driver’ in metal manufacturing

The use of recycling in the manufacturing processes of materials such as iron, steel and aluminium has been “a main driver” of improvements in energy efficiency within the industry. That’s according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), which suggests production of these metals accounts for 10% of total manufacturing energy use. “Primary production, in […]

Aluminium makers bang drum for “friendly” energy policy

Aluminium makers are feeling perky after a good year for energy policy, according to the trade body ALFED. On Friday the group blamed carbon cutting laws for making the UK “globally uncompetitive” over the last decade and leading to the UK’s primary aluminium producing capacity dropping 87%. ALFED praised the recent “Made in Britain” Budget, […]

Aluminium makers slam UK energy taxes

Aluminium makers urged the Government to trim “punitive” energy taxes yesterday at a meeting with Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon. The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is concerned UK firms are increasingly uncompetitive compared with Chinese, Indian and other European businesses. They presented the minister with a study suggesting EU legislation has left European firms paying […]

Future UK carbon price could be ‘double’ of EU competitors

The price of carbon for major energy users such as steel, glass and aluminium makers in the UK could be more than double that of their European competitors in future, warns a leading group which represents industry bodies. Yesterday the Chancellor announced the 2012 Budget which contained details of how much industrial energy users will […]

Growth in store for Mozambique’s coal mining sector

Mozambique’s coal mining sector is set to grow its export side on a large scale, according to analysts. Mining research analyst Christy Tawii at consultancy Frost & Sullivan says that the country’s mining industry can expect radical change now that a spate of new coal projects, collectively worth roughly $6.65 billion, are being developed. Speaking […]