UK Government launches £16m package to protect Amazon rainforest

The investment is part of the Partnerships for Forests programme, which aims to help farmers restore a rainforest area equal to the size of 1,680 football pitches

Pope Francis calls for “scarred face of the Amazon region” to be protected

He told Bishops from across the region that they must focus on saving the rainforest and providing better services to its indigenous people

Apple CEO commits company to Amazon rainforest donation

Tim Cook tweeted: ‘It’s devastating to see the fires and destruction ravaging the Amazon rainforest, one of the world’s most important ecosystems’

Amazon’s mangroves ‘store twice as much carbon as rainforest regions’

Researchers say protecting these wetlands could play a significant role in preventing climate change

Could hydropower be swing in the wrong direction for carbon?

Hydroelectric dams in the Amazon could be increasing carbon emissions by allowing vines to outnumber trees. Researchers from the University of Stirling claim vines called lianas, which have been popularised as Tarzan’s favourite form of transport, are much better suited than trees to adapting to the ‘forest fragmentation’ caused by the supposedly clean form of […]

Brazil opens up third of Amazon to deforestation

Brazil has opened up nearly a third of a vast national reserve in the Amazon to mining. The area, which is thought to be rich in gold and other minerals, covers 17,800 square miles across the northern states of Amapa and Para – this is an area larger than Denmark. A decree from President Michel […]

Amazon rainforest ‘could face unprecedented deforestation’

The Amazon rainforest could be at risk of unprecedented levels of deforestation. That’s according to Philip Fearnside, Professor at the National Amazon Research Institute, who says last year alone, more than 3,000 square miles of plants and trees were cut down. This is a 29% higher deforestation rate than the previous year. Brazilian President Michel Temer is currently trying to ease environmental protections in an […]