AI and smart meters are helping businesses become safer, greener and more competitive. Here’s how.

For some time, companies have been using automated meter reading (AMR) and smart meters to manage energy use across their business

UK Government invests £40m to develop next-gen nuclear tech

A majority of the funding will support three Advanced Modular Reactor (AMR) projects, which are much smaller than traditional nuclear energy power plants

Trouble in store for business energy metering?

“The last time something happened on this scale… there was wholesale chaos across the whole industry”, says the boss of Haven Power, Peter Bennell. What is he talking about? Changes are in store for the way medium sized businesses must meter their energy use. Soon they may need this logged every half-hour. The chief executive […]

John Lewis cuts bills and carbon with gas metering

British retailer John Lewis Partnership is renewing a deal with UK gas metering firm Energy Assets to help it cut energy use and carbon emissions. The five year deal of an undisclosed value sees the parent firm of John Lewis and supermarket chain Waitrose buy into smart metering, as it covers Automated Meter Reading (AMR) […]

npower’s Wayne Mitchell’s Blog

The art of being future ready Can you remember a time when you couldn’t ‘google’? Or when sending a text or using Facebook or Linked In wasn’t an option? I’m sure you can even though these developments have only been around for the past decade or so. And yet, it’s hard to imagine not using […]