Angela Knight talks about the issues facing UK business energy users at EL2013

Angela Knight CEO of Energy UK, discusses how important energy is to the UK economy and talks about the issues facing UK business energy users.

Knight to hang up shield for energy sector

The straight-talking chief executive of Energy UK Angela Knight announced her plans to step down by the end of the year today. Speculation has now begun as to who will replace her. Unafraid of voicing criticism when she felt it was necessary, the former MP and boss of British Bankers’ Association once said Ofgem was […]

New report to provide greater access to energy trading data

A new report which aims to make the energy market clearer and easier to understand while providing greater access to energy trading data has been released. Energy UK today published the Wholesale Market Report, which shows power traded in the market – from the coming season to just a day ahead – so people can […]

Tony Ward: Economic recovery could lead to energy capacity crunch

The UK could draw near to a crunch in energy capacity if it has a strong economic recovery, according to the Head of Power and Utilities at EY. In an interview with ELN, Tony Ward said there is a pressing need for the nation to build more infrastructure in order to meet the increasing energy […]

Energy industry has “nothing to hide” says industry chief

The energy industry has “nothing to hide” according to the chief executive of trade body Energy UK. In an interview with ELN at the first ever Energy UK conference since the organisation formed last year – from joining up a number of energy groups including the Association of Electricity Producers – she said: “The industry’s […]

Ed Davey gets tough with the energy sector

Sumit Bose reports from the first Energy UK annual conference in which Energy Secretary Ed Davey gets tough with the energy sector.

Davey: Labour's energy policy is "intellectually bankrupt"

Ed Davey told ELN Labour’s energy policy in regard to price freezes was “intellectually bankrupt” and would do nothing but add uncertainty to the energy picture. When asked if Labour had hijacked the consumer agenda and left him and the Government on the back foot, the Energy Secretary said: “Labour’s policy is a con. Suppliers […]

Angela Knight: Britain faces a new energy ‘trilemma’

The head of Energy UK believes Britain is now facing a new three-pronged dilemma in the industry – Who pays? How much? And for what? Speaking at the Energy Live 2013 conference yesterday, Angela Knight said the energy ‘trilemma’ of decarbonisation, security of supply and the cost of energy has been replaced. She believes the […]

'Let’s use less energy and build more infrastructure'

Building more infrastructure for a secure energy future and cutting down on consumption are both crucial for the UK. That was one of the hot topics at the Energy Live 2013 conference yesterday, where panel members discussed about using less and building more in the industry. Sara Vaughan (pictured), Director of Strategy and Regulation at […]

Editorial – Energy Live 2013 a big thank you!

Yesterday our second Energy Live conference was hailed a success. More than 450 people packed into the London Film Museum in Covent Garden for a very different kind of conference based on a range of activities built around a central stage. From packed out seminar sessions, to speed dating with industry experts at our Energy […]