Germany to pressure coal plants closed?

Germany is reportedly planning to pressure more of its coal plants to close so it can keep to its ambitious goal for slashing carbon emissions. The nation’s economy ministry is allegedly drafting laws asking companies to cut emissions by 22 million tonnes by 2020, according to a draft document seen by Reuters. This would affect three […]

‘Fairly choppy trading’ as electricity market switches calendar

The UK wholesale electricity market will soon switch to trading traditional calendar-dated contracts which means there could be a “fairly choppy trading” ahead of November. In the latest weekly market update, Sammy Blay, Client Portfolio Manager at npower’s Optimisation desk said the industry will go through a major change as it will ditch the Electricity […]

The Market Report – 22nd October 2013

Find out about the supply of gas, the influences on power prices and what you should watch out for looking forward in this weekly update on the energy market from Sammy Blay, Client Portfolio Manager at npower. If you are blocked from seeing this video and would like your own download, please email [email protected]

Angela Merkel supports back-loading in EU carbon market

Newly re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favour of a ‘back-loading’ measure in the EU’s carbon markets to push up carbon prices. Proposals to temporarily ditch 900 million credits – which businesses buy and trade depending on their carbon emissions – need Germany’s backing to pass in the European parliament. Speaking on Wednesday at […]

The Market Report – 24th September 2013

The German election result means Angela Merkel remains as the nation’s Chancellor, while Iran’s new leader may end up meeting US President Barack Obama – so how could these international events affect power prices? Find out the latest news on the energy market from Sammy Blay, npower’s Client Portfolio Manager in this weekly update. If […]

Germany loans India cash for renewable energy

The German Government will provide India a loan worth €1 billion (£860m) to help the country develop its renewable energy plans. Reports claim the two nations signed a joint declaration during inter-governmental talks in Berlin. The loan is expected to help India develop grid integration technology of renewable energy and speed up the construction of […]