African oil and gas project called ‘a sin’ by indigenous people

The project is looking to take fossil fuels from the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Namibia

Eni and bp form joint Angolan energy company

‘Azule Energy’ has been formed and is expected to become the country’s largest energy producer

EDP funds solar projects in five African countries

The funding is provided through the A2E fund and will support projects in Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda and Malawi

Eni and bp combine portfolios in Angola

The companies have stated that this joint venture would make their operations in Angola more efficient, increase investment and its overall development

Angola to get huge oil boost

A new oil platform in Angola is ready to produce 70,000 barrels of oil per day. The oil rig named Kizomba Satellites phase 2, is a large underwater drilling rig which is attached to a huge floating platform based 150km off the coast of Angola. The rig operates in deep water to depths of 1350m. It […]

OPEC pumps 70,000 barrels more oil in August

More oil pumping from Libya and Angola pushed up production in the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) by 70,000 barrels a day (b/d) last month. The Middle Eastern group’s oil gushed up to 30.2 million b/d in August from 30.13 million b/d in July, according to a Platts survey of OPEC and oil industry […]

The Market Report – 17th September 2013

Find out the latest news on the energy market from Sammy Blay, npower’s Client Portfolio Manager, in this weekly update. If you are blocked from seeing this video and would like your own download, please email [email protected]

Mozambique at heart of East African gas boom

Mozambique is at the heart of a rush for East African gas, according to analysts at the Economist Intelligence Unit. They believe firms are looking in new locations for gas because historically producing areas such as the Middle East are tricky to break into. Peter Kiernan, Energy Analyst claims the “biggest story” is offshore gas […]

BP agrees Angolan exploration deal

Oil company BP have signed an exploration agreement with Angola. The deal gives the company access to four new block covering 19,400 km2 in the Kwanza and Benguela basins. Bob Dudley, BP group chief executive said: “This new access builds on the major presence we have developed in Angola over the past 10 years, investing […]