EU extends anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel ropes and cables

The EU has imposed a total of 53 measures on steel and iron products, including 27 on imports from China

EU extends anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

Its investigation found if measures were to be removed, significant quantities of dumped Chinese exports could be directed to the EU market

EU slaps import tax on Chinese corrosion-resistant steel

The European Commission has imposed definitive anti-dumping duties on corrosion-resistant steel from China. The announcement follows its investigation confirming Chinese producers were “dumping” the product on the EU market. The measures that will be put in place for the next five years range from 17.2% to 27.9% – similar to the tariffs already set on […]

EU slaps anti-dumping duties on steel from four nations

The European Commission has imposed anti-dumping duties on imports of hot rolled flat steel products from Brazil, Iran, Russia and Ukraine. Hot-rolled flat steel is used in gas containers, pressure vessels, energy pipelines, tubes and shipbuilding. The four countries will face duties ranging between €17.6 (£15.7) and €96.5 (£86) per tonne following an investigation by […]

EU imposes anti-dumping duties on cheap Chinese steel

The European Commission is imposing anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled flat steel products from China. Its investigation confirmed they had been sold in Europe at heavily dumped prices. Hot-rolled flat steel is commonly used for the production of steel tubes used in construction and for shipbuilding, gas containers, cars, pressure vessels and energy pipelines. […]

EU confirms hefty new anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese steel plates

The European Commission has imposed hefty definitive anti-dumping duties on imports of heavy steel plates from China. Its investigation revealed dumping margins of between 120% and 127%, “causing material injury to EU producers”. Chinese exports of heavy steel plates will therefore be taxed with anti-dumping duties ranging from 65% to 73%, confirming provisional tariffs set […]

EU imposes China, Taiwan with steel anti-dumping duties

The European Commission has decided to impose anti-dumping measures on two steel products from China and Taiwan. Its investigation confirmed Chinese and Taiwanese stainless steel tube and pipe butt-welding fittings had been sold in Europe at dumped prices. The products are used to join pipes and tubes of stainless steel and are commonly used in […]

USA slaps “harsh” tariffs on Chinese solar panels

Chinese solar panel makers will have to pay big tariffs to import some of their products into the United States, the US Department of Commerce confirmed this week. US Customs will impose two tariffs – an anti-dumping duty and a countervailing duty – to counter what it called “injurious” dumping of cheap panels it deemed “unfair” […]

EU in new anti-dumping dispute over China’s steel pipe duties

The European Union has asked the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to resolve a dispute over Chinese duties of steel pipes – that are used in power stations – from the EU. The EU said it approached the WTO because it believes Chinese anti-dumping duties on steel tubes imported from the EU are “incompatible with WTO […]

Solar firms threaten legal action against EU-China deal

European solar manufacturers said they plan on filing a lawsuit against the agreement reached between the EU and China over the trade dispute. Solar panel manufacturer association EU ProSun, which represents around 40 firms, said it would go to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to challenge the deal. The new proposal sets a […]