World EV Day: Government launches app to encourage switch to cleaner vehicles

The ‘EV8 Switch’ free app calculates how much money drivers could save by switching to an EV compared to their current petrol or diesel vehicle

British High Commission and Earth Rangers to empower youth to act on climate change

The partnership will see the use of app-based technology to inspire and encourage the next generation to take action on climate change ahead of the UK-hosted COP26 conference in Glasgow this year

Siemens to launch smart pay-as-you-go service for district heating

The cloud-based software is expected to reduce costs by £1m over 10 years

New app allows customers to report power cuts

People can also take photos of any damage to the power network and send them directly to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

Want to know how many pollutants you’re exposed to?

Have you ever thought about how much carbon or other pollutants you are exposed to when out and about? Well, a new EU-funded app will allow you to track just that. AirProbe, developed as part of the EVERYAWARE research project, has been designed to increase people’s awareness of their environment. The app works with a […]

Banana vs space travel – battle of the CO2 footprint

Ever wanted to compare how much CO2 is emitted by ironing a shirt versus taking a space shuttle flight? Or how sending an email tallies against return flights from London to Hong Kong? That’s now possible with an online app which allows users to size up the carbon footprint of one everyday item or task […]

New app shows real-time UK energy mix

A new innovative app that allows people to find out the energy mix in the UK in real time has been launched. Called iGrid UK, it allows users to access multiple sources of electricity market information, giving them the most up to date statistics on the move. It also shows when National Grid is calling […]

Calling all techies! Ford wants fuel efficiency app

Carmaker Ford has called on software developers to create an app which helps drivers be more fuel efficient. The US car manufacturer is offering thousands of dollars for a smartphone and tablet app which fits the bill. One of the only requirements is for the app to use the open source technology called OpenXC data […]

New app takes energy management onto smartphones

A new app for smartphones launched this week can put energy management “in the palm of your hand”. Makers of the new iPhone app say it lets users view their energy consumption peaks and resolve energy surges “on the go”. Energy managers can also look at and analyse metering data from mains utilities or sub-metering […]

‘SuMo’ smartphone app wrestles workers’ energy waste

The makers of a new smartphone app called ‘SuMo’ claim it will motivate employees to reduce waste by up to 15% – saving firms money along the way. CloudApps believes this will help firms to cut their costs by using the game’s challenges, leader boards, badges, points and a reward system. The app uses competition […]