London’s new electric black cab tested in Arctic Circle

The brand new design for London’s electric black cab has been undergoing tests in the harshest conditions in the Arctic Circle. According to London Taxi Company (LTC), the checks to the vehicle performance will get more stringent over the coming weeks, with the taxis set to be cooled down in giant fridges to -49°C. The […]

Do it ‘Like’ the Swedes! New Facebook data centre is hydro-powered

Facebook will be hoping its users like the energy source of its new data centre (pictured) in Sweden – as its first data centre outside of the United States is powered by hydroelectricity. The social media site’s Luleå facility, located on the edge of the Arctic Circle, is serving live user traffic from around the […]

Scientists note biggest Greenland ice melt in 30 years

Scientists have noticed the biggest amount of ice melting in Greenland for the last 30 years. NASA scientists say the melting over the surface ice cover of the country in the Arctic Circle “jumped dramatically”, with melting over a larger area than seen in more than three decades of satellite observations. Nearly the entire ice cover […]