Painters’ muses look better under LEDs!

A new lighting system installed at Museo del Prado is forecast to reduce energy consumption by 77%

Hubbub pledges £300k for new coffee cup recycling facilities in London

The launch of the new facilities is being promoted with an immersive art installation outside the Tate Modern, which has been made using 5,555 cups – representing the number of cups used every minute in the UK

Goldsmiths says there’s an art to going green

The university has declared an official climate emergency and committed to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2025

LED there be art!

The beautiful paintings in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel have been revived, thanks to the installation of new energy-saving lighting. The Chapel, which has around five and a half million visitors every year, intends to save energy costs and reduce the Vatican’s carbon footprint. The previous system has been replaced with more than 7,000 LEDs by […]

Mosaic art to electrify London substation

The art world is set to embrace energy once more – following in the footsteps of retired Bankside power station (or Tate Modern to you and me) an electricity substation in East London is to become a contemporary artwork. Artist Gary Drostle – whose mosaic-based art has won an international architectural award – has designed […]

Video artwork on hospital roof highlights air pollution

An artist is projecting a huge video artwork onto the roof of St Thomas’ Hospital, which is located across the river from the Houses of Parliament, to raise awareness about invisible air pollution. After working with lung health scientists from King’s College London, British artist Dryden Goodwin created the animation to be shown on an […]

Durham art show uses dance-power

An art display at Durham’s light festival over the weekend used the power of people dancing to change the colours to the beat. The lights on the dancefloor-style exhibit, called “LED’s DANCE” by Polish artist Dorota Kraft, became more intense and “dynamic” in response to people moving over it. The piece was part of the […]