Japan ‘could lead Asia Pacific’s smart grid market’

Japan’s plans to boost energy efficiency could make it one of the top markets in the Asia Pacific region for smart grid deployment. New research states Japan was one of the first countries globally to invest in smart grid research and development. The Ministry of Energy started a new programme in 2014 to encourage microgrid development in Japan. […]

EV sales to hit 1.8m by 2023

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific are to grow from 352,000 annually this year to 1.8 million by 2023, a new report claims. The Asia Pacific region is to surpass North America to become the largest market for PEVs in the next four years, it adds. Analysts […]

Spend on energy efficient buildings will tower at £565bn

Commercial building owners and managers are predicted to spend a total of $969bn (£565bn) making their sites more energy efficient by 2023. Eric Bloom, principal research analyst with Navigant Research which made the prediction said: “Led by the Asia Pacific region, the global market for energy efficiency commercial building retrofits is expected to grow at […]

New ‘hub’ to help attract clean energy investment in Asia

A new platform aimed at attracting investment and finding new ways of bringing clean energy to Asia and the Pacific has been launched. The ‘Sustainable Energy for All Hub for Asia Pacific’ is one of three regional hubs under the global Sustainable Energy for All Initiative set up by the UN in 2011. It seeks […]

Power deals predicted to speed up in 2014

After a slow year for buying and selling power projects in 2013, momentum is likely to rise again according to PwC. Last year the total value of power and renewables deals was down 10% year on year, finds PwC’s annual Power and Renewables Deals report released today. But when it came to the Asia Pacific […]

Electric scooter sales to surge 50% by 2020

Worldwide sales of electric scooters are estimated to grow 50% by 2020 according to a report from Navigant Research. It forecasts that global e-scooter sales will hit 18 million in 2020, up from 12 million in 2013. Asia Pacific is far and way the world’s largest region for e-scooter sales, accounting for 99% of all […]

Asia ‘needs to untie gas from oil prices’

Asia needs to untie its gas costs from the price of oil to get more “competitiveness”, according to the International Energy Agency. The region is expected to become the second largest gas market in the world by 2015 but it faces challenges to get there, according to the group’s latest report. One problem is the […]

Fukushima hasn’t dented MENA’s nuclear ambitions

The disaster at Japan’s Fukushima hasn’t dented the ambitions of emerging nuclear nations according to new research which shows 95,000 megawatts (MW) worth of nuclear capacity is expected to be added within two decades. Middle East and North African nations (MENA) and Asia-Pacific countries will be “substantially bolstering” the size of their nuclear power production […]