DECC suggests Green Deal measures on the rise

More than two thirds of householders (65%) installed at least one energy efficiency measure following a Green Deal assessment, DECC claimed yesterday. The multi-million pound loan scheme has been widely lambasted after a tiny number of homes have taken it up. But Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said new figures show Green Deal […]

DECC insists Green Deal is boosting energy efficiency uptake

More than half of households (56%) who have had a Green Deal assessment have already installed at least one energy efficiency measure, DECC claims. A new survey of 500 homes that had an assessment also found a further 6% are in the process of having installments while 19% said they plan to have something installed. […]

Davey: Green Deal inspiring energy saving home improvements

Nearly half of UK households (47%) who received a Green Deal advice report following an assessment said they either had or were installing energy saving measures. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) claims the flagship scheme is “inspiring people across the UK” to install energy saving homes improvements, with 31% of householders saying […]

Energy efficient homeowners eligible for £1,000 cashback

Householders across England and Wales could be eligible for more than £1,000 worth of cashback for installing energy efficient measures. Energy Secretary Ed Davey announced a total of £125 million is up for grabs for people who make energy saving home improvements such as installing loft insulation, solid wall insulation and new heating systems. The […]