World Economic Forum attendees to travel in (sustainable) style

Electric vehicles will be used to transport delegates around the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland

EU investigates BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen over emissions collusion allegations

The carmakers allegedly held meetings where they discussed clean technologies to limit harmful car exhaust emissions

Hyundai and Audi team up on hydrogen car technology

The companies will be able to access each other’s intellectual property and share technology

Audi drives towards 800,000 EV sales in 2025

The car manufacturer says it will have introduced at least 20 electrified models by this time

Audi drives towards solar car roofs

  Audi has teamed up with Chinese company Hanergy to develop solar roofs for cars. Alta Devices, a subsidiary of the Chinese firm, will design the glass sunroof with integrated solar cells, with the aim of boosting the range of Audi’s electric vehicles. Eventually, the firms hope to cover almost the entire roof surface with […]

Audi offers diesel emissions upgrade for 850k cars

Audi is offering a free software upgrade for 850,000 diesel cars to improve their emissions performance. The carmaker said the retrofit programme is for cars with six-cylinder and eight-cylinder diesel engines in Europe and other markets outside the US and Canada. The upgrade is expected to “further improve their emissions in real driving conditions beyond […]

Audi team takes up Formula E electric challenge

A team from carmaker Audi and ABT Sportsline is the latest to to pull up to the start line in the Formula E electric car series which opens next year. The Audi Sport ABT team is the seventh to enter the new FIA Formula E Championship and will be the only German outfit. Motor racing business ABT Sportsline has had numerous […]

Audi opens green ‘e-gas’ fuel plant

German carmaker Audi has opened a plant which makes green fuel it has dubbed ‘e-gas’. What it describes as e-gas is a man-made methane created from water, green electricity and carbon dioxide. When used in some car models it makes them carbon neutral, says Audi. The firm expects the e-gas will power 1,500 new Audi […]

Vroom! Audi car plant driven by solar panels

An Audi car plant in Belgium is now being driven by solar panels. European solar supplier REC says nearly 10,000 panels have been installed onto the production plant’s rooftop to power Audi’s A1 model assembly lines. Built by REC partner Eoluz, the 3.6 MW installation is expected to generate more than 3,000 MWh of green electricity […]

Audi sidesteps electric car accusations

Audi has sidestepped accusations it is cancelling plans to produce two electric car models. The German carmaker is said to have ditched work on the all-electric Audi A2 and the range-extended A1 e-tron, citing concerns the 40,000 euro (£32k) cost would be too much for buyers. However a spokesman told ELN the firm would not […]