Carbon prices hit ‘highest in a year’

Carbon prices in the EU have reached the highest in a year, trading at above €6, according to npower’s Daily Market Report. Tom Matthews, Client Portfolio Manager said that with the main opposition party in the EU Parliament saying they will no longer stand in the way of the backloading proposals, it has given support […]

The Market Report – 28th January 2014

Find out about what’s influencing gas supply, power prices and what you should watch out for in this weekly update on the energy market from Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower. If you are blocked from seeing this video and would like your own download, please email [email protected]

Carbon prices fall amid backloading delay

Carbon prices saw “sharp losses” recently following the announcement that the backloading plan will not being implemented until the second quarter of this year. That’s according to the latest weekly market report from npower, which suggests it led the market to believe that 300 million permits would be withdrawn rather than the expected 400 million. […]

Value of carbon markets forecast to rise in 2014

Analysts predict the value of trades in the carbon markets will rise for the first time since 2011. The value of the global carbon market is forecasted to rise to €46bn in 2014. While a rise of 15% from last year, this is well below €98bn high it hit in 2011. Bloomberg New Energy Finance […]

EU carbon scheme ‘backloading’ trudges forward

Plans to boost the low price of carbon emissions in Europe took another step forward today as the European parliament voted in favour of a “back-loading” measure. This would delay the release of 900 million new carbon credits in auctions to the third phase of the EU Emissions Trading System. Around 11,000 factories and sites […]

Green light for negotiations on ‘backloading’ EU ETS

Negotiations between the European Parliament and Council of the European Union on ‘backloading’ the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) have been given the green light by the European Committee of Permanent Representatives. A surplus of emissions allowances in the ETS – partly the result of reduced economic activity during the recent downturn – has pushed down […]

Carbon prices 'to stay volatile' this week

Carbon prices are expected to remain volatile this week until further clarity is given from government coalition talks in Germany. That’s according to the weekly market report from npower, which also suggested the carbon market is eyeing the impact those discussions could have on the EU’s ‘backloading’ move. Backloading would involve temporarily delaying the sale […]

Europe’s carbon credit oversupply could “worsen”

The oversupply of carbon credits in the European Union’s carbon trading scheme could “worsen”. That’s the view of ratings agency Fitch in response to the MEPs’ decision to temporarily withdraw 900 million permits in the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) last week. Giving its verdict on the European Parliament’s vote to hold back carbon credits, […]

Carbon credit backloading move “just a sticking plaster”

A vote by MEPs to hold back carbon credits from the EU’s emissions trading scheme (EU ETS) has been criticised as “wrong” and “just a sticking plaster” by a British steel trade association. Ian Rodgers, Director of UK Steel claimed the backloading measure will do “little” to get the changes in place that are needed. […]

EU carbon price back-loading earns second chance?

Beleaguered plans to postpone or “backload” carbon allowances under the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme have been given a boost after MEPs on the EU’s environment committee voted for them a second time. The EU ETS is meant to push businesses towards cutting their emissions by putting a cost on the carbon they emit but allowances […]