Coal could sweep out low carbon fears peer

Coal plants could sweep up in the auctions to provide power for Britain in future, leaving precious little space for low carbon power generation or energy efficiency, fears the Labour peer Baroness Worthington. She is concerned retrofitted coal plants could apply to participate in the capacity mechanism. In December, the Government will run the first […]

Lords vote to limit coal-fired carbon emissions

The House of Lords yesterday voted in favour of forcing coal-fired power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The Government was defeated by the Labour party by 237 to 193 as the Lords agreed to get plant operators to apply the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) to cut their carbon emissions. Power plants using coal, […]

‘Low regrets’ – a new way to view renewables?

Low regrets – it could be a lyric from melancholy French singer Edith Piaf’s repertoire. But it’s actually the advice dished out in a new report on the way renewable energy sources in the UK should be treated. The report from think-tank Carbon Connect suggests setting “minimum levels” of deployment for green energy which repeatedly […]

Reports finds coal future “uncertain”, plays down UK shale gas

Fossil fuels are still going to be important for the UK but the future for coal looks “uncertain” according to a new inquiry which also plays down the role of shale gas. Led by former energy minister Charles Hendry for think tank Carbon Connect, the independent report argues significantly decarbonising the power sector by 2030 […]