Barry Gardiner pledges to ban fracking

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Barry Gardiner has promised to ban fracking if the Labour Party wins the next general election. During his speech at the Labour Party Annual Conference in Liverpool, Mr Gardiner said fracking “locks the country into an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels” instead of clean energy. His comment follows Jeremy […]

Barry Gardiner: “Hinkley is not essential for UK’s energy security”

  Hinkley Point C is not essential for the UK’s energy security. That’s according to Shadow Energy Secretary Barry Gardiner who spoke to ELN about the government’s annoucement to delay its final decision on the nuclear project to be built in Somerset. Mr Gardiner said although Hinkley would meet 7% of the country’s electricity needs, there are other […]

Barry Gardiner replaces Nandy as Shadow Energy Secretary

Barry Gardiner has been appointed as the new Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn made the announcement after Lisa Nandy said she was resigning from her post yesterday. Mr Gardiner served alongside Ms Nandy in the Shadow DECC team. He was previously appointed to the front bench as Labour’s Shadow Minister […]

UK Government should ‘follow Obama’s lead on energy policy’

The UK Government is being urged to follow the US President’s lead on energy policy as Barack Obama laid out new proposals for the US to fight climate change earlier this week. The call from Barry Gardiner MP, Leader of the Opposition’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and Environment comes as a new report published […]

“Crisis” at DECC as second official resigns?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is in “crisis” it was claimed over the weekend as a second senior official in the space of two weeks allegedly resigned. The Head of Strategy Ravi Gurumurthy is rumoured to be departing despite being in the midst of directing crucial legislation for electricity market reform. However DECC […]

EDF boss throws gauntlet down to Government

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz threw down the gauntlet to government today over the future of nuclear power by suggesting nuclear investment was not a done deal. Speaking at an Energy Select Committee hearing into the challenges ahead for building new nuclear the chief executive of EDF Energy said: “We have workers with high visibility […]

‘Investors think Government energy policy is based on a “lie”’

Investors believe the Government’s energy policy is based on a “lie”, a backbench Labour MP has claimed. Barry Gardiner, one of the fiercest MPs to sit on Parliament’s energy watchdog, claimed investors believe the Government isn’t being forthright when it suggests energy is going to become cheaper. In a calm, less fiery speech than viewers […]

Ofgem will give energy market ‘radical overhaul’

Ofgem went on the offensive today by claiming it would press ahead with an overhaul of the retail energy market in light of recent price rises. Alistair Buchanan, Chief Executive at Ofgem, said: “Responses to our reforms show that there is increasing consensus across a range of consumer and business groups that in a period […]