The power is in our hands!

Lu Yin, Lead Researcher of the team behind a wearable device that can generate electricity even when a person is asleep or sitting still, spoke to ELN about the future of wireless charging technology

‘UK’s first’ gigafactory greenlighted

Britishvolt’s factory in Northumberland is predicted to produce enough cells for approximately 300,000 EVs a year

ENGIE signs PPA deal for Polish battery materials factory

The energy company will provide green electricity from its existing wind park in southwestern Poland

The Energy Impact of Mobile Phones

Often when we think about climate change, the main carbon emissions that we think of are made by heavy industrial industries like transportation, mining, and petroleum. Rarely do we consider the impact that computer technology has on the environment.

What’s the fastest EV?

ELN launches a brand new series of films exploring the five fastest EVs

New device developed to prevent battery explosions

It responds to heat, smoke or gas alarms, automatically opening cabinet doors to prevent flammable gases building up and causing explosions

Johnson Matthey commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2040

The announcement follows its opening of a new Battery Technology Centre, which it claims will help it develop new EV batteries, improving their range and charging rates

Egyptian gold mine to be paired with solar hybrid project

A solar farm with a battery energy storage system is predicted to lower carbon dioxide emissions

Global grid battery storage capacity to see fifteenfold increase by 2030

A new report estimates battery storage capacity is likely to soar to 135GW from 8GW in 2020

Statkraft completes construction of its second Irish energy storage project

The 26MW project will provide the stability needed to ensure smooth integration of renewables in Ireland’s grid