BBC accused of green bias

The BBC has been accused of “skewing” coverage on the climate change debate. According to a new report from The Global Warming Policy Foundation, there is evidence suggesting the broadcaster has failed to report accurately and objectively on the issue of climate change. The GWPF, a think tank whose remit is to open the debate […]

Oil prices fall as Gaddafi looks to be on the way out

As news over the last couple of days revealed a surge from Libyan rebels, oil prices started to fall as markets gained confidence in the likelihood of increased production from the North African State. Brent crude futures fell 1.7% to $106.80 a barrel while some analysts have predicted price stabilization at around $100. Markets are […]

Huhne defends UK energy prices

Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, is expected to set out plans tomorrow to encourage low-carbon energy generation techniques. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show yesterday he defended the Government’s plans for market reform by claiming that the UK had in actual fact some of the cheapest energy prices in Europe. Mr Huhne refused to believe the […]